Talking African Grey Parrots M/F, text the number on the photo for more details and photos.
Proven pair of blue and gold macaws age 11/14 this pair are feather perfect and very healthy had chicks last year but due to moving bk home I don t have the perfect flight for them so unfair to keep them these birds don t have dna papers but I guarantee this is a genuine pair and new owner will not be disappointed I will not except silly offers on these birds They are useing the nest box now bu...
Known for their impressive intelligence, it is important to offer companion Greys a variety of complex toys to engage their active minds and prevent boredom, which can otherwise lead to feather plucking and other bad habits. Some examples include non-destructible hanging toys, push and pull toys, and food-finder toys.In their natural habitat, Greys spend much of their days flying around, foragi...
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