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Title: NEW - LeMont Vintage Style Food Trailers! Price: 33500 Current Location of Truck: 2099 NE 160th St, North Miami Beach, FL 33162, USA Year: 2020 Make: Mactrail Current Permits: Title Model: LeMont Mileage: 1 Gas or Diesel: gas Length: 214.56 Height: 97.24
Cooking Prep Space Storage Refrigeration Cold Well Holding Cabinets Sanitation 3 Compartment Sink Extras Shelving Storage A/C Unit Register Operations Propane. Title: Ice Cream Food Trailer Price: 48988 Current Location of Truck: Miami Beach, FL Year: 2018 Make: custom Current Permits: expired Model: custom Mileage: 0 Gas or Diesel: diesel Length: 18 Height: 8
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